A tour of beekeeping

Since 2016, KOZMUS beekeeping has been a certified provider of beekeeping tourism. The commission awarded us 3 bees, which means an EXCELLENT PROVIDER OF BEEKEEPING TOURISM. In this regard, we have an interesting offer for our visitors, which can be adapted to each group of visitors.

Visiting proposal for families

 When a family visit us, we look at the bee hause from the inside. We close ourselves in the apiary and listen to the bee's sound and smell the beehives. Then we look at:

  • The stand of loading hives, which is a hive system widespread mainly in other countries.
  •  An observation hive in which they can observe the queen, workers and trout in their tasks.
  •  Hotel for solitary bees and at the same time learn a lot of interesting information about this group of bees.
  •  Equipment and accessories for breeding queens.
  •  Herbal garden of honey plants, from which various tea mixtures are prepared on the farm mainly for their own needs (Drnulov tea, St. Emma's tea ...)
  •  They learn why bees have become increasingly endangered lately, what we can do to preserve them.
  • watching virtual beekeeping movies
  • ...

 The visit is followed by a tasting of different types of honey with an explanation of their origin and healing effects.


The price of the tour is € 20.00 / family.